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I admire great photographers and often wish I was one of them.  While not an expert, I enjoy taking photos and capturing memories on video.

In my various leadership roles, I encourage people to share a lot of photos as it is great way to stimulate a people-centered culture and to create a strong sense of family. Over the years, I have been blessed to serve alongside some awesome photographers and videographers who are greatly appreciated.

Personally, I use the Screen Saver Photos selection on my laptop and enjoy watching my favourite photos on a daily basis whenever my PC goes into screen saver mode.

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Inspired by My Mother

Long before I was old enough to appreciate it, my mother started a photo album for me (pictured here with a couple of sample pages).  She updated it regularly and wrote dates and details in the margins.  Growing up, it was great fun to sit with friends and flip through family photo albums.

Years ago, I went digital and seldom print photos any more.  I download photos from my Canon camera or iPhone, rename them and then save them on my laptop with my favourites also saved on my iDevices.  Our TV is connected to Apple TV and via our home network to our PCs allowing us to show photos to our friends.  The TV screen is a lot bigger and better than crowding around an album and the experience of sharing photos and memories with friends and family has only gotten better.

My mother, Vera Viola Tymos, was promoted to heaven on June 5, 2001 but her inspiration and memories live on in numerous ways and continue to bless me.


Arthur’s Blog Header Photo

I took the photo used in my blog header from the top of 7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain (at Whistler, BC) on January 23, 2011 using my BlackBerry Torch.  Our family was enjoying a couple days of fantastic family-time celebrating our son Nathan’s 21st birthday the day before.  Nathan, our daughter Brittany, a few others and I were enjoying a great day of skiing.

As I mentioned in my Meet Me section, I love mountains; Blackcomb and Whistler are my favourite mountains.  For the first 18 years of my life, my family lived in a small home in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver.  From the window in my parents’ bedroom, there was a view of The Lions and Grouse Mountain on the north shore of Vancouver’s harbour.  Growing up, I spent hours gazing out the window looking at the mountains and dreaming about life.

Likely, I have taken more photos from the top of 7th Heaven than from any other spot in the world.  Despite the numerous times I have skied off the lift, turned right and looked at this great vista, it still takes my breath away.  In addition to the mountains, I really enjoy being above the clouds.  Besides the plethora of leadership metaphors associated with mountains and with being above the clouds, I like the fact that it is always sunny above the clouds.  Each year, I fly over 100,000 miles and I always try for window seats on airplanes and am usually looking out the window as we ascend above the clouds.  Blackcomb Mountain is a touch higher than Whistler and the Blackcomb lifts access an elevation of 2,284 metres (7,494 feet) and we are often skiing above the clouds.

Regardless of your physical location and elevation, live your life above the clouds!

The jagged peak in the distance is Black Tusk at 2,319 meters (7,608 feet) above sea level.  It is a popular volcanic rock formation located in Garibaldi Provincial Park in the Garibaldi Range of the Coast Mountains.  I love looking at the Tusk from the tops of Blackcomb and Whistler mountains and from several points along the Sea-to-Sky Highway which we take to and from our home in Surrey to get to Whistler.  My wife Judy has hiked the Tusk and it remains on my “Bucket List” of places to hike someday.

My iPhone goes almost everywhere with me and I am impressed with the quality of photos that its built-in camera delivers.  In particular it has a great panorama feature.

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