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My father was in the moving and storage business.  Growing up, I enjoyed many hours with him trucking around British Columbia, other parts of Canada and the Western United States.  I learned many things from the great discussions dad and I shared rolling down the highway and from meeting new people in numerous places.

Judy and I both like to travel and explore new destinations.  In addition to vacation trips, we have been privileged, along with our family, to participate in short-term missions adventures in Africa, Asia and Europe.  Mission trips are a great way to make a difference in people’s lives while growing personally.

For 12 years, I worked at Creation Technologies leading the growth of the company from 3 to 14 Business Units with manufacturing plants and offices located across Canada, the United States, in China and in Mexico, and with customers and supply chain partners in various places.  During this period of my career I was flying over 140,000 miles a year.  Even though business travel can be exhausting at times, I generally enjoy it and particularly appreciate going to new places.

My key travel learnings are:

  1. Get to know local people and take the opportunity to soak in as much of their culture as possible; and
  2. Never ask what you’re eating until after you’ve tasted it!

Lord willing, I would love to someday visit at least 50% of the countries in this fascinating world in which we live.  Here is where I have been so far (I use TravBuddy to track the places I have visited and to create this map):


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