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Learning fills my energy tank. Since the 1980’s, I have summarized my significant life and leadership learnings into a list of “Arthur Tymos’ Key Lessons” which have guided me in challenging situations and important decisions. In October 2008, I read Bill Hybels’ great book Axiom and subsequently refined my lessons into a succinct list of Arthur’s Axioms.

Some of my axioms developed out of my own experience; others were adapted from various mentors, leaders and authors. Though I know them well, I find it helpful to keep my axioms in an Outlook Note (synced to my BlackBerry) for easy reference.

I have 48 Arthur’s Axioms and intend to share them with you in blog posts from time to time. I hope you find them beneficial.

I was taught this axiom years ago and it has been a huge help to me as a person and in leadership.  Actually, I find it helpful to add a few extra words in brackets, as follows:

Be real (authentic) and true to yourself (be who you want to be)

Here are four reasons to follow this axiom:

  1. It’s freeing.  As a young child, my mother often admonished me
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Live your dreams!  Do you have some exciting dreams?  I hope so and I hope you are living them because living your dreams is far more exciting than just dreaming them.

My children Matthew, Nathan & Brittany Tymos dreaming about life

I first crafted this axiom a few years back when preparing to speak at our daughter Brittany’s Grade 12 Church Graduation Banquet.  She is our oldest so it was … Continue Reading

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