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What does it take to ensure Creation’s Vision & Strategy planning summit was productive and focused?

“A great team that encourages forward thinking while supporting one another”

was how one of our team members described it.

I agree.  That’s what we experienced at this year’s Creation Technologies ELT (Executive Leadership Team) Vision & Strategy Summit in Whistler, BC.

2012 09 21 Creation Technologies ELT Vision and Strategy Summit – Whistler, BC

Our group of 27 from all across Creation met the week of September 17th for 5 days of discussion and planning. The teamwork, dedication and respect shown by this group were amazing to witness.

Our already large group grew again this year with the addition of several new ELT members, yet as someone described after we returned, this led to:

“new insights and a richer collaboration of ideas.”

Another team member noted:

“The week absolutely sped by. I’m always impressed by the passion and wisdom everyone brings to the table during our Vision & Strategy sessions.”

The week was exhilarating and exhausting, sparking careful debate and extensive discussions on the best plan to guide Creation over the coming years.

Over the next several weeks, we will continue to develop the milestones for our Strategic Initiatives as we prepare to review our Vision & Strategy with our Board of Directors.  In early 2013, we look forward to sharing it with our entire Creation Family.

I am extremely pleased with the work our team did over the course of the week.  While our basic direction remains unchanged, we have enhanced our Vision for clarity and updated our Strategy to ensure that we are making strong progress towards our vision.

During all of the hard work, we did take some time to shift focus for just a little.

2012 09 22 Creation Technologies ELT and friends at the Peak of Whistler Mountain

Also, midway through the week we held the 2nd Annual ELT Summit Tennis Tournament. The tournament was won this year by Andy Hyatt and Darryl Catellier!  Five teams participated and the rest of the group thoroughly enjoyed cheering them on. Congratulations to all the participants, it was an intense competition. Federer should be worried!

2012 09 19 from left to right: Randy Ziegenhagel, Mark Stephenson, Jeff Kuypers, Mike Walsh, Darryl Catellier, Andy Hyatt, Edwin Fok and Geoff Reed

What attributes do you think a group needs to create a compelling vision and an effective strategy?

5 Comments to Ascending the Peak: Vision & Strategy ELT Summit

  1. Arun Mathur's Gravatar Arun Mathur
    Oct 12, 2012 at 4:38 pm | Permalink

    All team members need calm and creative minds, with an ability to live in the now.

  2. Alexander Tymos's Gravatar Alexander Tymos
    Oct 12, 2012 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    You must have taken up most of Whistler to have put up everyone in that great group.

  3. Kathy Thomson's Gravatar Kathy Thomson
    Oct 15, 2012 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    We can’t underestimate the impact of the leader/facilitator in bringing out the best in a team. But you are much too humble Arthur to take credit so I will give you a standing ovation for your world class leadership and facilitation skills in bringing out the best in the ELT.

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