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It was awesome to hear that Creation Technologies – Dallas recently assembled the 100,000th wireless land seismic recorder for AutoSeis (a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Geophysical Services). Congratulations AutoSeis!

The commemorative, blue unit pictured below was presented to Ralph Muse of AutoSeis on September 13, 2012.

Commemorative blue Seismic Recorder presented to Ralph Muse

Ralph was overwhelmed with excitement and emotion as he accepted the unit with great pleasure. He said:

“I have worked with many companies in the past and this has definitely been my best experience.”

Caroline Branch, Director of Supply Chain for AutoSeis, also participated in the celebration and commented after the event:

“Thanks!  Today was great, thank you for making such a big milestone even more special!”

Here are some interesting statistics regarding 100,000 seismic recorders:

  • If stretched end to end, the recorders (each 22 inches long) would cover 34.7 miles;
  • There were 33,300,000 SMT placements to build the printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) for these units;
  • The PCBAs had 154,400,000 solder joints;
  • 1,500 gallons of potting material was used;
  • 139 Pallets were shipped;
  • On average, our Dallas business unit shipped 395 recorders a day since September of 2011; and
  • If deployed at one site, the recorders would cover 1,000 linear miles (96 per mile).

The AutoSeis seismic recorders are used for oil and gas exploration. To survey a site for oil and gas, the team prepares the units (programs the recording time into the unit, along with the sample rate and what type of geophone will be used) and then bundles 12 together to be carried by a helicopter to the site for distribution.

Seismic recorder units being bundled for distribution by helicopter

The ground team then places the seismic recorders into position, records their locations, and start shooting (thumping/vibrating the ground) with a seismic vibrator truck.

Creation Customer Focused Team Leader Don Prestridge in the field

Seismic Vibrator Truck

Please join me in congratulating AutoSeis and our Creation Technologies team in Dallas on this significant milestone. Well done!

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