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Earlier this year, our Creation Technologies Lexington (in Kentucky, USA) business unit faced some unexpected leadership challenges.  However, our entire Lexington team used these challenges as an opportunity to improve and grow.  I am delighted to say that our team more than rose to the challenge. 

Last week it was my pleasure to spend some time in our Lexington business unit and to see how people in every area and type of role had stepped up and made a difference for our customers, their teammates and for those we do business with.

During the trip, Troy Watros , General Manager – Lexington, and I discussed some of the great things happening in Lexington and recorded this video clip from the production floor of our business unit.

At the end of the video, I comment on Creation’s overall September 2011 performance and on our outlook  for 2011.

We also held a Customer Forum in Lexington and it was wonderful to spend time with some great people from a number of different customers.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to express my thanks and congratulations to our entire Lexington team.  You have more than exceeded my expectations and we are all very proud of your character, hard work and many successes.  Well done!

One of my Arthur’s Axioms that I learnt a few years back (I will write a blog post on this someday) is to:

“Face tough issues head-on and use them to define yourself as a leader.”

It is great when people do this.

Have you ever faced an unexpected challenge?  Did you use it as an opportunity to improve?

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