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Just three short years ago, in February 2009, our Creation Technologies Mississauga Team moved into a new, custom-built 50,000 square foot building on Creditview Road in Mississauga, Ontario. The space was an amazing expansion from our older 25,000 square foot facility and we projected that it would meet our needs, and those of our customers, through 2015.  But, thanks to the great work done by our Mississauga and Business Development Teams, and thanks to the fantastic support from our customers, our expectations were surpassed.

In March 2012, we will be cutting the ribbon on an additional 18,000 square foot expansion.  In this video, Mark Krzyczkowski, General Manager of Creation Technologies Mississauga, reveals the new expansion and shares some of the tremendous success his team has achieved.

These are exciting times in Mississauga.  Our Business Unit has experienced astounding growth since 2009, despite economic challenges and a much lower industry growth rate.  I love watching our team make bold entrepreneurial moves that prepare for the future.  Well done team!

Please join me in congratulating our team on their success.  Do you know of other outstanding North American growth stories?  Do you have any comments for Mark or our team?

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