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It is my pleasure to congratulate and give a big SHOUT OUT to our entire Creation team in this Happy 20th Anniversary video clip.

When Creation Technologies opened its doors in March 1991, 32 people, including some bold entrepreneurs, were serving 20 customers out of a 10,000 square foot facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  Over the years, Creation has been greatly blessed and has seen some tremendous people-centered and profitable growth.  Today, our Creation family is comprised of over 2,500 people and we have the privilege of serving close to 200 World-Class customers through our 11 business units across Canada, the United States and in China.

Since those early days, Creation Technologies has been transformed from a $1 million in revenue start-up into a “Global Top-50” and a “North American Top-10” Electronics Manufacturing Services provider and we are projecting well over $500 million in revenues this year.  In fact, out of the 4,500 companies in the world that do what we do, we are #7 in North America and #25 in the world.  Wow!  While we never want to be #1 (we will leave that up to those competitors who go after high-volume consumer business), we are extremely well positioned.

Today, on our 20th Anniversary,  we are thankful for, reflect on, and celebrate 20 successful years.  Through the good-times and in the tough-times, all of our Creation team have worked with such dedication and engagement and have brought our company to where it is today.  Thank you Creation family and well done team!

This second video is a 20th Anniversary Mashup featuring people across our various Creation locations.

My special thanks goes to the following people who made these videos possible:

  • Production, Direction, Editing and Videography:  John Earle
  • Production and Direction:  Janelle Urchenko and Debbie Gillies
  • Videographers:  Jonathan Leung, Kathy Young, Jennifer Rogers, Kevin Meier and Nathan Tymos (my son who helped video me in our home office)
  • Interviewing, Casting and Set Direction: Amy Porter, Barbara Aker, Denise Guiblejman, Elizabeth Osmond, Gloria Grampo, Heather Ohlinger, Jennie Tran, Jennifer Rogers, Jon Barclay, Louise Van, Nora ODonnell, Janelle Urchenko

Well done team and thanks so much!

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, there are various events and special celebration items taking place.  Personally, I have been enjoying our 20 Days of Wellness focus and just completed my 7th item today.

Creation people, I hope that each of you are enjoying some of our special celebration items.  In true creation style, do a big group hug with your team, high-five everyone you see at Creation today or do whatever seems exciting for you to celebrate our 20th.

Happy 20th Anniversary everyone!

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