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How far should a leader go to encourage their team to strive towards new pinnacles of success?

For example, would you do cartwheels and handstands for record revenues?

In March 2012, our Creation Technologies St. Peter team achieved a new monthly revenue record. John Makela, General Manager, was head-over-heels with excitement. In fact John was so motivated by the accomplishment that he pledged to do cartwheels if the team could achieve an even higher record.

Two months later, in May 2012, our St. Peter team did a phenomenal job beating their March 2012 record … and John paid up.

2012 06 05 John Makela, General Manager, Creation Technologies St. Peter, doing cartwheels celebrating record revenues in May 2012

I hear the cartwheels weren’t particularly pretty, but John did manage 4 of them (the one above looks pretty good to me). Apparently, our first-responder team was close by, just in case.

John is not alone in his gymnastics. Sandra Hayes, General Manager of Creation Technologies Dallas has paid up too!

Late last year, our Dallas team also achieved record revenues for their unit. Previously, Sandra had commented that she would do handstands if the team achieved a certain record. You guessed it, here’s the photo.

2011 12 01 Sandra Hayes, General Manager, Creation Technologies Dallas, doing handstands celebrating record revenues in November 2011

I must say that her style appears somewhat more polished than John’s (notice the pointed toes and overall great form).

Apparently, there is now talk in Dallas of Sandra performing one of Shaun White’s snowboarding moves when the next record is set. A skateboard (which is more appropriate given a lack of snow in Dallas) has shown up in Sandra’s office. There’s also a rumour that some of her team are expecting a handstand on a surfboard (not sure how the skateboard became a surfboard).

I can’t wait to see Creation Technologies Dallas set another revenue record!

I’m impressed by Sandra and John! Both by what they were willing to commit and by them honoring their commitments.

What do you think of Sandra’s and John’s antics? Have you ever committed to do something if a certain record was surpassed? If yes, did you pay up?

4 Comments to Paying Up: Leaders Who Use Creativity to Motivate and Then Deliver on Their Commitments

  1. Cindy Young's Gravatar Cindy Young
    Jul 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm | Permalink

    These are hilarious. I love ’em! I wonder what Milwaukee could come up with. I think we need to discuss with our “unique idea guy, Larry K. for some possible record antics.

  2. Jul 10, 2012 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

    This reminds me of a record month in Burnaby back in 2008. Thanks for creating a reason to dig up this old video:

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