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Have you ever taught a class with a mother breast-feeding her baby in the front row?  Neither Nathan nor I had but now we have.

Day 5: Wednesday, 2012 04 25

On day 5, we completed the Leadership & Computer Training course in the Cranborne District of Harare.  After the session, leaders from each feeding centre supported by the Sonrise Church Orphan Care program signed-out laptops for use at their centres.  Here is a photo of the leaders who participated in the training:

Leadership & Computer Training Class in Harare Zimbabwe

Late afternoon, we visited the feeding centre in Rugare that is led by Pastor Henry and saw some of the children, their semi-outdoor kitchen, classroom, church, family home and chickens buildings.  I met Melissa (the next day I met her sister Nesia) who I wrote about in an earlier blog post on Nesia & Melissa’s story.


Day 6: Thursday, 2012 04 26

Al, Nathan and I started day 6 with a visit to Mbare where Pastor Ephraim is leading a feeding centre for 200+ orphans, has a church and school, and a new chicken business, which a previous Sonrise Church team built the building for and helped launch.  The chicken business is now in its second 10-day cycle and when all four cycles are operating it will generate over $200 every 10 days to help support  orphans in the area.

We then went to Rugare where we provide a introductory computer class for 37 children, some of which had computer experience but many of these children had minimal to no computer experience.

Here is Nathan and I teaching and having an awesome time with the children:

Nathan & Arthur Tymos Teaching Computers at Rugare Orphan Care Centre in Zimbabwe

We were in Rugare at lunch time and Nathan recorded some video of the feeding centre in action (notice the kitchen in the rear-left):

Orphan Feeding Centre in Rugare, Zimbabwe

Here is a photo of us with all our students:

Computer Training Class in Rugare, Zimbabwe

We ended day 6 with a quick stop at the outdoor market in Harare, a two-hour drive to Kadoma (with several police check-points along the way) and a late dinner with the rest of our team who had been working on construction while we were teaching.


Day 7: Friday, 2012 04 27

Day 7 was a construction day, with all trusses on the new building (third building on this site) placed before noon, awesome!  Here is the second truss (of 21) being place (that’s me on the ladder in the blue shirt):

Ron, Arthur, Jeff & Lawrence Raising Trusses in Kadoma, Zimbabwe

When not raising trusses, Nathan and I installed siding on the adjacent church building that Nathan helped build last year.


Day 8: Saturday, 2012 04 28

I was amazed that my muscles weren’t sorer when I woke up on day 8 given how hard we worked the previous day.  While some of our team worked on roofing, Nathan and I, with support from a couple of the local young men, worked on siding.

Here am I finishing the aluminum siding on the south end while Nathan cuts a strip for the east side (which we almost completed by late afternoon):

Arthur & Nathan Tymos Siding in Kadoma, Zimbabwe

The rest of our team, again with help from a few local men, worked on installing windows and the roof on the new building (amazing progress given that only the foundation existed at the start of this trip):

Missions Trip Team Roofing Orphan Home in Kadoma, Zimbabwe

We are part of a very hard working and productive team and are thankful to be making excellent progress.

Do you like to build things?  Have you ever done a construction missions trip in a foreign country?  I welcome your comments.

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  1. Stan Powers's Gravatar Stan Powers
    May 1, 2012 at 6:27 am | Permalink

    It’s great that you have been able to get online with a fresh report. We are praying for all of you and excited for the good progress.

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