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God In My Everything: How An Ancient Rhythm Helps Busy People Enjoy God

Ken Shigematsu

Monks, Samurai, ancient rhythms, touching real-life stories, guiding principles, life-changing prescriptions and practical insights all serve as key ingredients for this instructive and entertaining book by Ken Shigematsu.

Whatever your roles and place in life, this real, open and insightful book is for you. Ken does a great job of blending timeless truths with current-day … Continue Reading

Transforming the lives of orphaned children and building hope for the future of Swaziland is the focus of Bulembu Ministries. My son, Nathan and I traveled to Bulembu last year as part of our African missions trip and were honoured to get a guided tour.

Here is a short video with the highlights of our visit to Bulembu.

Located in northwestern Swaziland, the town of Bulembu is home to hundreds … Continue Reading

Are you having a good year?

That question was on my mind as I set out snowshoeing.

Fresh Snow on Home Run Trail at Blackcomb Mountain

It started snowing, adding to the fresh blanket received overnight. Somewhat addicted to challenge, rather than an easy valley trail, I headed up Blackcomb Mountain.

Portions of the trail were moderate with others steep enough, and the snow deep enough, that I was thankful … Continue Reading

We didn’t lose our daughter, we gained an outstanding son-in-law.

My wife Judy and I were so excited, together with over two hundred guests, to witness the marriage of our darling daughter Brittany to her Prince Charming, Jordan Pousett, on August 26, 2012.

The happy couple

Despite what Ashley Freedman, Matron of Honour, may try to tell you, I didn’t shed a single tear!  However, I did, somewhat unsuccessfully, try … Continue Reading

“Get a good education, it’s easy to carry with you,” my father would often say as I was growing up. He was correct so I took his advice and, years later, my lovely wife Judy and I started sharing similar advice with our children.

This past week, Judy and I attended three British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Convocations and three BCIT Graduating Awards Ceremonies as all three of our … Continue Reading

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