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Do you love Lean Thinking?  I do.  Are you focused on Lean Thinking in Action™?  At Creation Technologies we are, and here’s why.

Kaizen - change for the better

I woke up early on a Saturday morning some time ago and couldn’t sleep. So, while the rest of our family was sleeping, I switched on my Kindle and read a few chapters of a leadership book.  In one of the chapters, the author was sharing how … Continue Reading

Please check out this 2.5 minute video that we filmed with Ron Euer (Creation’s Quality & Lean Leader and Regional Leader) and Jim Lobus (General Manager – Chicago) regarding the excellent progress that our Chicago business unit has achieved on their lean journey.

Filmed at our Creation Technologies Chicago business unit right after a Gemba walk, Ron and Jim highlighted a number of improvements, including those relating to:

  • Throughput
  • Quality
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