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Transforming the lives of orphaned children and building hope for the future of Swaziland is the focus of Bulembu Ministries. My son, Nathan and I traveled to Bulembu last year as part of our African missions trip and were honoured to get a guided tour.

Here is a short video with the highlights of our visit to Bulembu.

Located in northwestern Swaziland, the town of Bulembu is home to hundreds … Continue Reading

15 years ago, one woman started enriching the lives of orphans in a rural community severely impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic by starting a preschool in an open field.  Today, an exciting project is underway to help make a difference for the entire community.


Watch this short video of Bonani Hadebe, National Director – ACOP Zimbabwe, describing the need, vision, progress and plans.


While in Africa earlier this year, my Continue Reading

“Get a good education, it’s easy to carry with you,” my father would often say as I was growing up. He was correct so I took his advice and, years later, my lovely wife Judy and I started sharing similar advice with our children.

This past week, Judy and I attended three British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Convocations and three BCIT Graduating Awards Ceremonies as all three of our … Continue Reading

What do you do when two orphan boys grab your hands and drag you through their classroom?  You enjoy every moment!

Bulembu students showing Arthur Tymos their Grade 1 school work and classroom

Day 17: Monday, 2012 05 07

Up early, we drove 4.5 hours from Johannesburg to Bulembu, Swaziland.  Highways in South Africa are good and the scenery reminded me of British Columbia in places.  As we approached Swaziland, … Continue Reading

You may find this shocking but I was amazed to wake up twice in one week with the electrical power on.  While we take power for granted at home, power outages have proven to be a daily event in Zimbabwe and the backup generators tend to only be fired up for portions of the day.


Day 9: Sunday, 2012 04 29

Three of our team members stayed and attended … Continue Reading

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