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Getting Naked

Patrick Lencioni

Do you like getting naked? Do you like getting naked with customers, suppliers and other business partners?  Now, before you jump to the wrong conclusion and think that I’ve lost it, I’m talking about Getting Naked as presented in Patrick Lencioni’s book of the same title.

In this business fable, Patrick shares a story demonstrating the power of openness and identifies examples of how vulnerability builds … Continue Reading

“When a leader gets better, everyone wins!”  “Leaders are Learners.”  “When a leader stops learning they should stop leading.”  These are just a few of the insightful quotes that I have heard from Bill Hybels and other speakers at the Global Leadership Summit (“GLS”) over the past ten years.  Yes, I have been attending this event every year, for ten years.

Last year, total GLS attendance was 120,000+ people across … Continue Reading

Hi.  Welcome to Arthur’s Blog!

I am delighted that you are checking out my blog and I hope you find it interesting.  This blog is about Life, Learning and Leadership with some posts addressing Creation Technologies, where I have the pleasure of serving as President & CEO (the views and content presented herein are solely mine).  You should typically expect one to three posts a week.

Please browse … Continue Reading

Hi, I am Arthur Tymos, a Christ-follower, husband, father, leader, learner, teacher, vision- and goal-oriented strategic thinker on a journey to unleash my full leadership potential.

My loving wife Judy is my best friend, a great supporter, and a wonderful partner in our life journey together.  We met at church (Evangelistic Tabernacle, Vancouver, BC), got to know each other while playing in the orchestra (she played flute and I played … Continue Reading

It is my pleasure to congratulate and give a big SHOUT OUT to our entire Creation team in this Happy 20th Anniversary video clip.

When Creation Technologies opened its doors in March 1991, 32 people, including some bold entrepreneurs, were serving 20 customers out of a 10,000 square foot facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  Over the years, Creation has been greatly blessed and has seen some tremendous people-centered … Continue Reading

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