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How well do you navigate travel delays?  If you travel, you will experience delays.

2013 05 28 7 Best Tips for Navigating Travel Delays Image

Here are the seven best tips I have discovered for navigating those pesky delays when they occur:

1. Be prepared – Preparedness is a Core Value at Creation Technologies and it certainly pertains well to travel.  I always carry a good book in my briefcase plus more on my Kindle, charge my device batteries the night Continue Reading

Does anyone really enjoy moving? It’s never much fun, but once you are all settled in to your new place, it’s worth the effort!

I am very excited to share that on June 25th, after a very fast move, Creation Technologies opened the doors of our new Changzhou facility.

The Creation Technologies Changzhou Leadership Team in front of their new building

After six years at our previous facility … Continue Reading

What does it take to ensure Creation’s Vision & Strategy planning summit was productive and focused?

“A great team that encourages forward thinking while supporting one another”

was how one of our team members described it.

I agree.  That’s what we experienced at this year’s Creation Technologies ELT (Executive Leadership Team) Vision & Strategy Summit in Whistler, BC.

2012 09 21 Creation Technologies ELT Vision and Strategy Summit – Whistler,

Continue Reading

Just three short years ago, in February 2009, our Creation Technologies Mississauga Team moved into a new, custom-built 50,000 square foot building on Creditview Road in Mississauga, Ontario. The space was an amazing expansion from our older 25,000 square foot facility and we projected that it would meet our needs, and those of our customers, through 2015.  But, thanks to the great work done by our Mississauga and Business Development … Continue Reading

Without question, one of the highlights of my business year is the week when our Creation Technologies’ Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meets for our annual Vision & Strategy planning summit.  I love planning, Preparation is a Core Value at Creation and it is so enjoyable to have our team together from across Canada, the USA and China. 

In the video clip below, three of our ELT members join me in … Continue Reading

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