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What does it take to ensure Creation’s Vision & Strategy planning summit was productive and focused?

“A great team that encourages forward thinking while supporting one another”

was how one of our team members described it.

I agree.  That’s what we experienced at this year’s Creation Technologies ELT (Executive Leadership Team) Vision & Strategy Summit in Whistler, BC.

2012 09 21 Creation Technologies ELT Vision and Strategy Summit – Whistler,

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Who cares if you have an amazing new building in Silicon Valley if your customers, supply partners and people don’t like you?  With both people and buildings, beauty is only skin-deep and it’s what’s inside that counts.

During our recent Creation Technologies San Jose Grand Opening, I asked people what they thought.  Here’s a 3 minute video of what they said:

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Necessary Endings

Dr. Henry Cloud

I don’t like some endings. As such, this was an important book for me to read. I heard Dr. Henry Cloud speak at the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit in 2011 and had previously read two of his books.

In Necessary Endings, he points out that if you are not willing to address the necessary endings in your life and leadership, then you have … Continue Reading

Without question, one of the highlights of my business year is the week when our Creation Technologies’ Executive Leadership Team (ELT) meets for our annual Vision & Strategy planning summit.  I love planning, Preparation is a Core Value at Creation and it is so enjoyable to have our team together from across Canada, the USA and China. 

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It is my pleasure to congratulate and give a big SHOUT OUT to our entire Creation team in this Happy 20th Anniversary video clip.

When Creation Technologies opened its doors in March 1991, 32 people, including some bold entrepreneurs, were serving 20 customers out of a 10,000 square foot facility in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  Over the years, Creation has been greatly blessed and has seen some tremendous people-centered … Continue Reading

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